Terms and Conditions

Arrival & Departure:
Check in: 2:00 pm
Check out: 10:00 am


Credit card details are required to secure the booking.  Payment will be debited on arrival unless alternative arrangements have been made. 

The name of the credit card holder and the name of the guest must be the same.  This will be verified by a driver’s license.  Car registration details will also be requested. The Guest will be liable for payment of any charges incurred by the Guest and accompanying parties in the cabin with all replacements and necessary costs for any damage, including extra cleaning or loss to the guest room and its contents.


Cancellation is free up to 24 hours prior to check-in. Bookings cancelled after this time incur a late cancellation fee equivalent
to 1 nights’ accommodation. Management reserves the right to cancel a booking at 6.00 pm on the day of arrival for no-shows (unless advised of a late check-in). 


Refunds including early departures is at the discretion of management. 

Payment Methods

Cash, MasterCard, VisaCard, Savings & EFTPOS


Smoking is not allowed in the cabins.  The Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 and the Smoke-free Environment Regulation

2016 states “smoking and using e-cigarettes is banned in all enclosed public places and some outdoor public areas.  Smoking is not allowed within 4 metres of a pedestrian access point to a public building”.
Under the Liquor Act 2007, the Registered Clubs Act 1976 and the Casino Control Act 1992 “venues are able to ask a patron to leave if they continue to smoke in a smoke-free area.  If a patron fails to leave when asked, they may receive an on-the-spot fine of $550 or a maximum penalty of up to $5,500”.

Breach of these terms will incur a $400.00 surcharge. 

There is no designated smoking area on the property.

Noise Policy

Management has a zero tolerance to noise and parties.  Management reserves the right to remove patrons from the premises with no refunds for breach of this policy.


Management is not liable for any damage or loss of property that a Guest may sustain while staying at Chasin Opal Holiday cabins or the house at 12 Silica Street, Lightning Ridge 2834.  Management is not responsible for any misrepresentation of business information and online content.

Management reserves the right to refuse accommodation
All prices shown are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and includes all taxes
Adults are considered 15 years and over
Children are considered 3 years – 14 years of age